Local Commercial Production (Los Angeles, CA)

Are you or your business located in Los Angeles County? We now have Local web video production.  From Artists wanting to showcase their talent with a reel to bands wanting to feature their latest song to businesses in need of a little marketing boost with our webads!  We can customize a Commercial Video Production for you!

Local Commercial Gold Package

We have several add-ons for those entrusting us to produce their commercials, music videos, and acting reels.  We can either include a guest spot on our new daily Broadcast or even feature your new production in one of our spots.  We also have extra services to help you distribute your commercial throughout social media whether it be locally or globally.

Our Supreme Package

Not sure where to start? You have a great business and/or product but you don’t even have a website or Facebook?  We can do ALL of your marketing from the ground-up.  Call us for a quote!

If you are not located in or near Los Angeles, CA we can still help!

Recruiting a Los Angeles marketing company can be costly, but we are here to help! While we don’t mind traveling to you, we can get you a generic yet still customized and high-quality commercial virtually anywhere!

Across all Media Platforms!

Contemplating an actual TV Commercial?  All of our web commercials can be formatted and sent directly to your pre-purchased Television station to be streamed in your time slots!


Next Steps…

Since everthing that we do is about Customization and tailored to your needs, we would love for you to Contact Us to get started building your new virtual production today! Or you can purchase your Package Now by registering for one of our three Commercials Packages in the list below that best fits your needs. Check out our Introductory Offer in the List Below as well!

  • - $1.99 / 5 Days
    Subscribe to access our Film Library page and watch all of our Original Productions in one place! This is our Introductory Price as we upload our Library, so take advantage of our special offer!
    - $14.99 / 90 Days
    This is our Special Talent Pool that we will primarily choose from. You are guaranteed to be featured on our Daily Broadcast or be used as a speaking role in one of our up and coming productions. Local LA Talent Only. If you are not local, we will still consider you on the contingency that you provide your own travel and Hotel accommodations for the duration of the project. If you would like to remotely contribute a video of 2 minutes or less to be used on our Broadcast and/or feature your Talent or Business, we can utilize you remotely, as well, with approval. Please keep this in mind before signing up. We are not liable for your inability to provide content or travel to us although we will do everything in our power to feature you.
    - $999
    Need Social Media Ad Commercials to run for your Business and you are located in the greater Los Angeles area? Purchase our promotional package and we will produce your commercial and have you up and running to your projected market in no time!
    - $799
    If you do not live in the greater Los Angeles area we can still produce a Commercial for you. Even if it will not feature your actual business and location, it can still be tailored to your needs and have your logos and values custom designed into it.
    - $499
    For those of you that already know how to link Ads to your Social Media and Websites, we are offering you a 90 Second or Less Commercial showcasing you, your talent, or your business at a Low Introductory Price!
    - $19.99 / 3 Months
    Would you like to be showcased on our Talent Showcase page and gain insider access to our special offers? You may also be chosen in the near future to be featured as a guest on our up and coming and innovative Broadcast being launched in September of 2017. You will be first priority for casting in all of our original productions, music videos, and commercials. Sign up now to get your first three months for the price of one while we offer our Introductory Rate. Once your payment is processed we will contact you to submit a headshot and short bio that will be placed on our Talent Showcase page within 24-48 hours. (If you are not based in Los Angeles, CA and are chosen to be featured in one of our productions you will be responsible for your own flight and accommodations. You are still welcome to join and be featured although this is primarily targeted to LA Local talent.
    - Free / 1 Year
    Once you Sign Up, you will have access to our Filmmaker Page Breakdown of pricing info to see how we commission your Film Sales and handle Payouts. Are you an up and coming Film Producer and Director with completed work? Tired of waiting for a million clicks on YouTube to receive a payout and begin your next project? Tired of paying large submission fees to Film Festivals and not being selected only to be at a loss of what to do with your project? Tired of having to break your film up with ads and commercials just to monetize? Your Film is not a TV Production, right? Although we also welcome Web Series and Shorts. You can add your content to our Film Library and drive your followers there to Pay-per-view for your project and immediately start getting your budget reimbursed or possibly make a profit on your Independent Film. In addition, you will have all of our followers and the network of other contributors followers browsing your film. Stop making Films for Free or paying to be showcased! It is free to sign up! Our payouts are monthly. You can start getting paid for your film views in as little as 30 days. You cannot get as high of a percentage per click anywhere else! Plus, you keep all of your rights so you are able to distribute anywhere else and we can remove your Film anytime should you decide to change courses in your distribution plan. Join Now and Upload Anytime!
    - $249 / 30 Days
    Are you a Talented Actor with little to no technical know-how? Does your Agent keep asking you for a Reel or an updated Reel and you have no idea where to begin? Local LA companies can charge you thousands of dollars to create your Reel. If you already have your footage you can Sign Up today for our Special Price and have your Reel finished and ready to upload to your Website, IMDb or sent to your Agent within 7-14 days! We will begin as soon as you have sent us all of your current footage. If you need technical help getting the footage to us we can help you with that as well. For those that need content for their Reels please check out our Talent Showcase Subscriptions or Contact Us to learn about upgrading this package with our Production Services.
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