For the Love of Film

At the end of the day we love Film, the medium!  A commercial is basically a montage (moving collage) that is often used in Film.  So, we are doing what we love to provide us the opportunity to produce our Features and do more of what we love, all while making you and your business look polished and technologically advanced and giving you exposure.

Our Story

In studying Film and Acting for several years and being submersed in the Industry, Christina began to notice all of the Ads churning on Social Media and all of the Streaming networks advancing and multiplying.  Sometime in late 2014, she had the idea to develop her own platform as distribution seemed to be the carrot on a string for many of her Film-making peers at the time.  Eventually, the market grew and more companies began offering online streaming and publishing.  Christina just wants to cut out the middle man.  The technology has finally become available (or apparent) to her.  This is where the idea came to her to begin producing commercials (shorter time slots) to allow her to produce Features.  At the head of this idea came her Broadcast Show which will be launched sometime late Summer 2017, Tune in!

Meet the Team

Christina Jones has been working in Customer Service for over a decade and firmly believes that every Customer is their own entrepreneur collecting and utilizing their own skills and tools.  With this in mind she is able to contribute her own skill set and adapt to the needs of every employer, customer, or employee that she works with.  Her vision is to develop one of the greatest teams and so she is very selective.  Christina also values each individuals’ freedom to grow and expand above their titles and so her team is ever-changing and expanding.

Christina Jones

Founder & CEO

Check out Christina’s IMDb Page for her Bio and Filmography.


We are always looking to collaborate!

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