Don’t forget, you can find Luis on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat at RealLuisMercado. You can also go to YouTube to see his show To Catch A Cheater!

Original Film Library

Now, you can subscribe or pay-per-view all right here to see our past and new Short and Feature Films! We have also included our extended interviews as an added bonus!

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Commercial Production

We now provide local (Los Angeles, CA) customized commercials and generic national commercials for Businesses to be featured on our daily Broadcast and/or formatted to your Social Media accounts!

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It is our pleasure to assist you in your online marketing!

At Christina Jones Productions our first passion is Film.  With Film in mind we have expanded to distribute and showcase our own projects and we can easily bring you and your business on board.  Christina Jones is an Actor and Film Producer in Los Angeles, CA.  She has been evolving with the ever-changing and expanding technological market and knows exactly how to get your products and business seen Globally!

With our new daily Broadcast we can instantly get your product or commercials seen by our exponentially growing audience across all media platforms.  We start by identifying your wants and creating a customized package while taking the technological unknowns out of the equation and supplementing our knowledge creating you a presentable commercial, music video, or sequence and saving you time and money.

We have been submersed in the Film Industry for over a decade and with that have taken advice from some of the greatest Directors ever to live and living.  This makes our productions fascinating to watch and with our versatility we can also apply our vast knowledge into designing you the commercial or showcase of your dreams all within your budget, big or small.

Next Steps…

If you are local to Los Angeles and would like to advertise with us or be showcased on The 411 Broadcast please contact us!

If you are eager to see our next Broadcast then spend some time browsing our Film Gallery while you wait!

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